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Design: Pak Farahan

Size : 8' 4" x 10' 4"

Origin:   Pakistan

Material: Wool on Cotton foundation 

Farahan is a village located in west central Iran, north of the city of Arak, and is known for its finely knotted late 19th century rugs. Most Farahan rugs use a geometric pattern, but sometimes curvilinear designs are woven in this region too. These high quality rugs can be found in mainly to two kinds. The first kind is represented by an endless-repeat pattern with herati motives or boteh designs. Herati, is the most popular, it comes with many variations and the boteh motives are generally woven within hexagon-shape panels. The second type is represented by its medallion layout and has a classical Persian design, so-called Sarouk-Farahans. The medallions can be large hexagon, diamond, or oval shapes with large ornaments. The medallion design is used tradionally on so-called Sarouk Farahans is classically Persian, as is all the minor detail. But the layout is an interesting combination of delicate curve-linearity and geometric styles. Farahan designed rugs have center medallion motives. Today, these carpets are referred to as Antique 19th century Farahan Sarouks.

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